Jan. 1st, 2013

The highlight of my day, and therefore of the year so far, was finding that one of my neighbours had thrown out a lot of flattened boxes. I gleefully pulled them from the bin.

There was a reason for this.

The dog's kennel is made of planks of wood. There are gaps between the planks and sometimes the dogs get their leads caught in those gaps. When that happens I have to crawl into the kennel, with the dogs, and free them up. At six in the morning this is not a fun thing.

So I thought I'd get some cardbord to lay on the floor of the kennel. It would stop the leads getting trapped and also have the added benefit of keeping the kennel warm. A few days ago we traipsed around the local supermarkets looking for boxes I could flatten. We didn't get any until the fourth visit, and then there wasn't much. Cardboard is collected for recyclying and I think it's paid for.

Which explains the joy this morning when I spotted the neighbours discarded boxes. I now have a supply laid in for when the dogs destroy the current floor.

Look, see how impressed they were when I took them on their first walk of 2013.

We saw the new year in with a row.

Well, it's a tradition, isn't it.

We went to Kum Der, the association down on the beach. There was a meal and a bonfire, dancing and drink. I mulled wine.

Deniz got tired by about half ten. She is only ten, so I thought it was a good plan to take here home to bed. Lutfiye insisted she stay for the new year though.

Deniz got grumpier and grumpier and more annoying. Lutfiye got annoyed. Midnight came and me and Deniz went, with Lutfiye predicting we'd all have a dreadful year now because of her bad behaviour. She went to bed in tears. I went back in a foul mood. When we all came home I slept in Deniz's room and Lutfiye banged doors.

2013 dawned sunny but much colder inside than out.



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